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Starting the tedious, rubbly traverse towards the Two O'Clock col.Interesting rocks near the col, looking back up at Landslide Peak's SE ridge.Descending colorful scree and rock towards the Two O'Clock Peak col from Landslide Peak's SE ridge.Looking back up the SE ridge of Landslide Peak from the col.Looking up at Two O'Clock Peak's NW Ridge and face.A brilliantly colored rock pinnacle lower down the NW face of Two O'Clock Peak.Starting our ascent of Two O'Clock Peak.Looking back up the SE ridge of Landslide - very interesting rocks and colors here.We were used to losing significant height by this point but that doesn't mean we liked it.Arg. I'm going to feel this 400m vertical... Very loose terrain on the NW gully / face of Two O'Clock Peak.Approaching the access couloir.Finally approaching the access couloir on the NW face that gave us easy access to the summit slopes.Looking back at Mike and Landslide Peak from the shallow couloir. Mount Hensley at left.Looking up the shallow couloir to its exit above.Mike on the snow slope with Landslide in the distance.Mike enters the bottom of the couloir below me.Mike comes up the couloir.The rubble never seems to end! We stuck to the left of the snow patches and had a direct line to the summit from here.