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The parking area at the bridge was busy. Obviously the bridge is now approved for traffic so it's only a matter of time before the resort area opens again.You can spot the cut line up ahead (R) that we took.Pretty cool terrain on the traverse from Fortress Ridge to Spoon Needle - but lots of elevation changes.This sums up the worst part of the traverse - tight trees with fresh snow on them.One of the main reasons to do this scramble is the view of The Fortress - stunning!Steven gains the south ridge, hwy 40 is far below us at this point. Our journey started beneath the south ridge of Opal - far in the distance.Spoon Needle on the L, Limestone and The Wedge on the R.The skis are off as we climb the ridge.The skis are off as we climb the ridge.Steven comes up the south ridge of Spoon Needle with our approach on the right and hwy 40 on the left.