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Doesn't it look bone dry? Looks apparently are deceiving.The first part of the ridge was indeed, bone dry and very pleasant.A popular hike?Looking back over the hamlet of Exshaw towards Mount McGillivray.The loop over Anklebiter Ridge and Bluemat Hill is visible just to the west.The snow started about half way up.Great views back over the Bow Valley.A gorgeous early evening hike starts to make up for a brutally long winter.We even managed to find a short scramble up a cliff band.The best views on this mountain are about half way up near the top of the short cliff band. From L to R, Grant MacEwan, Heart, Skogan, McGillivray and Pigeon Mountain.Grant MacEwan and Heart Mountain are still plastered in snow.]Looking over Lac des Arcs and up the Bow Valley towards Canmore with the Sisters, Grotto Mountain, Gap Mountain and Anklebiter Ridge at center and right.Now we're in it! Interesting shapes in the forest.Where did all this bloody snow come from?!Apparently my legs are longer than Phil's, which causes issues when he tries to follow me...Quite the summit view from the apex of the mighty Exshaw Mountain folks!We descended the "normal" ascent route to see if there were any old tracks to follow but alas, nobody's been up here in a while.Some decent views (although very industrial in nature) on descent.