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Hwy 93Staring up the drainage.In the drainage, looking far up at Silverhorn Mountain at upper right.The waterfall in the drainage that is avoided on steep slopes to the north - on climber's left of the creek.Gorgeous early morning views towards Peyto Lake with Caldron rising at right and Thompson and Jimmy Simpson at left.In a theme for my day, the by-pass slope is steep but not nearly as much of a grind as it appears, thanks to Brandon's recent tracks in the dirt.Looking back down the steep by-pass slope to the stream and even the highway.Why would I want to change my route with views like this behind me? Mount Patterson at center, Peyto Lake at left.The peak is at upper center here and Nugara's route goes up, or on climber's left of the obvious gully.The left hand gully was full of old snow that looked ready to collapse. I kept following the tracks above it on the left.Looking back down the main gully now that I've started the traverse above the left hand one.Looking up the lefthand gully.Looking back at the worst section I crossed - hard scrabble dirt with no grip. On return I descended a bit lower here where the main tracks were.I stayed on climber's left until reaching the light brown colored scree bowl high above me here where the track took a 90 degree turn to my right and headed up towards the ridge.Near the light brown colored scree and taking the 90 degree turn to my right, up to the ridge crest at upper left here.