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Sonny surveys the avalanche gully that we want to ascend from the valley bottom.Looking up our ascent gully.Bow Peak in the background as we work our way up the lower gully.Views north towards Cirque Peak.Looking up the gully as we approach the more difficult terrain.Sonny labors up the loose slopes of Dolomite with a view of Cirque Peak opening up in the background.Views down our ascent slope with the Crowfoot glacier in the bg.This is where the scrambling gets difficult.Sonny stands beneath the summit cliffs on the 4th peak. This is where you should traverse to the right before heading up.Sonny goofs around on the summit of Dolomite Peak.Vern and Sonny on the summit of Dolomite.Views to the third peak from the fourth.Cirque peak across Dolomite Pass to the north along with Patterson, Chephren and Observation Peak.Views back over the fourth peak from the third.Crowfoot Mountain.Mount Balfour (R) rises over BowCrow (R) and Bow (L) peaks.Views over the fourth peak from the third towards Hector (L).