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Kaycie on the Bow Falls trail with Jimmy Jr. at upper right.Obligatory shot of Bow Lake from the shoreline trail, which we followed for about 5 minutes.Can this really be considered "bushwhacking"? It's more like "bush hiking".Hints of the views to come from the drainage.It's a bit of a grunt to get to treeline, but nothing worth complaining about and look behind us here. It's going to be worth it!As we near the thinner top of the avy slope, the views start to really open up behind us.The break in the lower cliff band is obvious at left.Looking SE across the slope we traversed above to avoid the Krumholtz. We ascended the slopes at left, not the center one. The break through the cliff band is at right.Kaycie is enjoying the beautiful morning.Kaycie stands on the south end of the ridge above the low cliffs with a grand view over Bow Lake.The rest of the route up is obvious - follow the ridge.Apparently folks have gone up this drainage, just west of the south ridge of Jimmy Jr. in order to access this peak but it's not recommended due to loose terrain.The south ridge starts off very broad and open to amazing views.The terrain is easy hiking at this point.The lovely tarn between Jimmy and Jr. is visible as the terrain becomes more scrambly. Iceberg Lake is also visible at far right in the distance.The terrain gets a bit more interesting near the top.