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Cobwebs highlighted with moisture at the parking lot.Cobwebs highlighted with moisture at the parking lot.One of several viewpoints into Norman Creek on ascent.The ascent trail is well designed - albeit maybe not for so many horses?The Norman Creek Trail.The Norman Creek Trail just before the Sunset flats.Mount Coleman.Mount Coleman across Norman Creek.A small, shallow tarn as we bushwhack from Norman Creek Campground.The bushwhack to the Skyline Hiker camp wasn't horrible.Goat Ridge barely visible now at center.We find a good trail along a Norman Creek tributary.The large Skyline Hikers camp.The large Skyline Hikers camp.A Norman Creek tributary.Goat Ridge (C) is still a long ways off and the bushwhacking is worse here.We give up and simply hike right up the stream bed!Even my camera is soaked as we continue towards Goat Ridge.Some openings in the forest.Hiking up a drainage to Goat Ridge.