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Getting ready for the 27km hike.The Bryant Creek trail is a road for 14km.There are a few nice distractions along the road.Rod and Hanneke wait for the Jon to fall in the water......OK, he didn't fall in this time!Rod is scared of Grizzlies. What a wus.Beautiful mountain colors.A break along the trail at about the half way mark.Lots of interesting mushrooms along the way.Bryant Creek meadows about half way in.The meadows are almost swampy. Cave Mountain is in the background.These are outliers of Mount Cautley and the two Towers to the left of the photo.Another break along the trail before the elevation gain starts.Blue 'beary' jam anyone? Grizzly scat.The group trudges up the horse trail to Assiniboine Pass.As we get higher, the scenery improves dramatically.This is where the hiking trail is closed at the top of Assiniboine Pass due to Grizzly activities.Re-bandaging George's poor feet!Are we there yet? Almost! The entry point to British ColumbiaSunshine Meadows at last. 3km to go.