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Stunning color as I make my way towards Victoria Ridge.Stunning colors as I work my way along the ridge to the left.Looking back up at Victoria Peak from the first low point. You'll lose a lot more elevation than this on the traverseAs I work my way above the cliff bands, this is looking west over Mill Creek.It's a bit of scrambling work to get around these bumps which sit over big cliffs.Looking back over the terrain I've traversed already - Victoria Peak right of center, already getting distant.Looking off the ridge back at Victoria Peak.Look at all that PINK! This is looking back at Victoria Peak from about half way along the traverse. It's a long way.My favorite area of the traverse was just as I was getting onto the ridge proper for Victoria Ridge. Notice how Windsor and Castle are now almost behind me!Windsor (L) and Castle Peak (R).Great sheep trails assisted me while traversing beside some of the bumps along the way.I find the trail again, after losing if for a while.Following the good trail up to the false summit of Victoria Ridge. At this point I'm kind of tired of the whole traverse thing.Looking back from near the false summit of the ridge. Note Victoria Peak in the FAR distance just left of center.This is the nice surprise you get when going over the false summit... It's not as far as it looks - thank goodness!Victoria peak at far left, Pincher Ridge at far right.Panorama of the entire traverse from Victoria Peak, just right of center.Looking down the Drywood Creek valley, Victoria Peak, Pincher Ridge and Drywood Mountain from left to right.Windsor and Castle Mountain are behind me now - a completely different view!A good trail back down to Pincher Creek helped me enjoy this exit immensely - not usually how a long day like this ends!