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The trail is a highway from the Sparrowhawk Picnic area to the High Rockies Trail (HRT).At least there are some signs indicating which way you shouldn't go if you are headed for the tarns. This one looks unofficial so it may not last.The HRT is quite the project! We checked out the bridge over Sparrowhawk Creek before continuing up the proper trail to the tarns which is out of sight at upper right here.Views from the bridge over Sparrowhawk Creek.The trail is well-defined and passes through some blow down areas.After a few kilometers of nice forest hiking the trail turns sharply right near a pile of debris (rocks) before continuing left up a steep roll.Interesting terrain - I'm not sure why some of these trees are so dead - and still standing.Another boulder / debris field to ascend. Also note the larches? This will be very colorful in another 3 weeks or so.I have never seen so many marmots on a hike before. This is marmot heaven.We picked a gorgeous day to hike to the tarns.Looking back at our approach from Spray Lakes with Old Goat rising at left and Read's Tower at upper right.Picking through the various boulder fields was fun but it was easy to lose the trail.An interesting boulder along the trail.The terrain in the upper meadows under Sparrowhawk, Bogart and Red Ridge is interesting.More nice alpine meadow. You lose height as you near the headwall to the tarns and start trending to the right.More interesting terrain as we near the lower part of the headwall beneath the tarns.Beginner hikers may not like some of the loose / steep bits on the headwall but there is usually an easier way up if you look for it.The final green little valley before the last headwall to the tarns.