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It's going to be a great day! This view is of another gorgeous peak in the Valley of Ten Peaks - Eiffel.Hiking up Larch Valley to Sentinel Pass.The group passes by a perfectly calm tarn in Larch Valley with Sentinel Pass looming above and Mount Temple looming above.Hiking up to Sentinel Pass.Looking down at a perfectly calm Larch Valley tarn on one of the most beautiful fall days I've ever had in the Rockies.Hiking up to Sentinel Pass.It's a grind just to reach Sentinel Pass, but of course this is the easy part.Gorgeous views into Larch valley from Sentinel Pass.Looking through the Pinnacle Col / over Sentinel Pass.The lower route is bouldery but easy to follow.Pinnacle Mountain is impressive from the lower slopes of Temple.The huge south scree slope of Temple.Grinding our way towards the gray band.Pinnacle Mountain is impressive from the lower slopes of Temple.Allen, Tuzo, Deltaform, Neptuak, Eiffel, Pinnacle and Hungabee (R).This is the start of more serious terrain, even rain would make these slabs slick. Note how loose the rocks are too - a brain bucket is mandatory here!Ascending through a relatively easy rock band.Ascending through a relatively easy rock band.