Yep! They closed the road 2km before the regular lot. We get to add another 4km to our day... :(Yep! We start the day in the rain, 2km from our parking spot, pushing bikes uphill.Finally at the regular parking spot, biking towards the tempting blue skies 15km ahead.Skeleton Creek is flowing fast but it's wide and fairly shallow here.The long bike ride to the Banff boundary.Crossing the boundary into Banff National Park at the bison gate.Walking up the Red Deer River / Cascade Fire Road trail.This was another low moment of the day...Looking back to Warden Rock down the Red Deer River at some dismal weather.The Banff Bison Herd.The Banff Bison Herd.The Banff Bison Herd.This lone male was more reluctant to leave and waited for herd before going himself.Following the road to the bridge over the Red Deer River with Mount White looking pretty big now.A stunning view back to Mount Tyrell up the Red Deer River from the bridge.Continuing up the road towards Mount White.A grizzly track.Starting up the NW shoulder of Mount White.Ascending the NW shoulder of Mount White.Wapiti Mountain in the distance.