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Blue Beardtongue aka Alberta Beardtongue - (penstemon albertinus)Low Larkspur (delphinium bicolor) - highly toxic alkaloids in its leaves.Three-flowered Aven (geum triflorum) - a member of the rose family.Showy Jacob's Ladder (polemonium pulcherrimum)Looking at our descent ridge on the right, just before going off trail to the left and up the westernmost ridge of the loop.Carpets of Shooting Stars and Forget-me-nots.Forget-me-not (myosotis alpestris)Hann and KC grinding their way up the nose of the western ridge.Shooting Star flowers with the white ones being older and fading from purple to white as they age. (dodecatheon conjugens)Looking back over hwy 541 and the Highwood River.The last section before reaching the western ridge proper is really steep, but pleasant hiking on open slopes.It's a grunt!Before starting the final steep section to the west ridge, Hanneke and Kaycie take in the great views.Looking ahead to the twin summits of Bull Creek Hills (R) with Holy Cross and Head at center left.Good rock and thin trees make for very pleasant hiking.The witches lair?A very open forest with interesting terrain.The way ahead to the west peak wasn't quite as easy as it looks here, but still not difficult either.