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Skiing along the TCH fence.Looking up the old ski tracks along the trans-Canada fence.The obvious drainage that is your clue to turn towards the mountain - head up the stream bed.The stream isn't ideal ski terrain lower down.Exiting the stream bed at the log jam (climbers left).Exiting the stream bed at the log jam (climbers left).After trudging uphill through light forest for a while (~1.5-2km), the going gets steeper and you cross the creek bed for about 100-200 meters.Skiing up the creek.Skiing up the creek.Now we're laughing! Look back down the drainage. Ishbel in the background.Skiing up the creek.Entering the upper valley - still in the drainage. Serious avy slopes to the left of the picture out of sight.Looking up a serious slide path on the east slopes of Pilot Mountain.Looking up at a slide path coming off Massive Mountain as we ski past it (skiing to the right here).The gorgeous upper bowl under the unnamed summit between Brett (left) and Pilot (right). We ascended through the treed slopes on the far left.Ascending the steeply treed slopes under the Massive / Brett col.Ascending the steeply treed slopes under the Massive / Brett col.We knew we wanted to ski back down this slope - being north facing it was safer and had no sun crust like the south facing slopes had.Wietse works his way onto the avy slope we had to cross. You can see our approach gully under him to the right.