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Views over the grassy ridge to the confluence and the gap.The east face is pretty easy near the top.This gives a better idea of the steepness on the east face.Starting to realize there's cliffs below us...It looks so easy to get to that grassy ridge! It's not.Looking back up the east face.Cliffs are blocking a direct descent to the drainage below.Some glissading to avoid waist deep snow.Another cliff block easy descent. We traversed right.Using crampons to traverse an avy gully and escape the cliffs.Yep. That's a bear den! Didn't linger to take more pics... :)The east face looks kinda inhospitable from the drainage.Almost home free, just have to traverse left to get onto the grassy ridge.Finally off snow, looking back at the east face of Dormer.Pleasant hiking again.Hiking up the grassy ridge. Winchester Ridge in the distance here.Part of Otuskwan Peak.Great pano from the grassy ridge showing Winchester, Otuskwan and Dormer Mountain (R).Puma Peak looks fierce!Pleasant hiking down the grassy ridge towards the Dormer River.