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Phil ascends rubble slopes to the first headwall.There is some stiff moderate terrain if you go climber's left (away from Hector Creek) at the headwall.Karst Pavement makes for a fast approach towards Hector Pass.Find Phil! Little Hector looms above us here at left.At Hector Pass. Molar right to Phil's right with Hector and Little Hector at right.Cataract Peak to the left of Molar and Cyclone, Douglas and St. Bride at right as the shadows of night creep over the Molar Creek valley beneath Hector Pass.Molar Mountain beckons us over in the light of a dying day. She needn't worry. We're coming!The moon rises over Mount Hector.A Perseid Meteor flares out at left with Molar at center.Little Hector and the Milky Way.It's still very dark as we make our way down the Karst terrain east of Hector Pass.As usual with off-trail scrambles, there's some suck.We are out of the suck and near valley bottom as the sun rises and kisses the Hector Glacier far above us now.Nearing Molar Creek with out objective looking pretty large and distant.The bush isn't all roses and sunshine.Phil grinds his way up grassy slopes to the rocky headwall above.At this point we could clearly see that we'd have to traverse left but we didn't mind as the scenery was pretty cool anyway.Mount Temple.Traversing the headwall to an obvious weakness on climber's left.Traversing left under impressive cliffs with incredible views back towards Hector and now towards Lake Louise. (L)