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Somewhat alarming if you think about it. So don't.The gas plant.Looking down the cutline from the road. Note that you turn right long before getting to the end!Hiking down the cutline.Crossing a stream. I should have gone right shortly after this.A great approach road. Too bad it's way off the route... ;)Traversing to Ginger Hill.Larkspur.Shooting Star.Paintbrush.A bunch of Pasqueflowers.Easy NW slope of Ginger.Easy NW slope of Ginger to the summit.Views to Syncline with its three summits.Carbondale Hill at center with Maverick Hill at right.Views over the Carbondale River and Lookout towards the Clarke Range.Prairie Bluff and Table Mountain.Great views of Carbondale Hill.Views southwest up the Carbondale River to the Clarke Range.Byron Hill.