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There's lots of camping in the area but do you really want to?Just past the gate, a bridge crosses the raging Carbondale River.On a trail that part of me wonders might lead to a north cutline that goes right to the summit...Snowy peaks with deep greens.A matchstick forest on ascent makes for pretty easy hiking.Willows and Glacier Lilies.Views to the north summit.The interesting summit that called me back to return along this route.Views south to Prairie Bluff, Victoria and Table Mountain.Finally the true summit of Carbondale Hill comes into view.Carbondale Hill and Lookout.Easy ascent slopes from the north but there's a cliff just under the summit.Nice moody views to the west towards Syncline and McCarty.Views back (north) from under the summit. There's an old road running up from the lower cutline hereThis was a great find! A trail breaks through the cliffs under the summit.Another survey marker at the summit.Great views east include Mount Backus at center.Views west and north to the Clark and Flathead Ranges.Views north to Hastings Ridge with the Flathead Range at left.Views over the Castle River Valley with Mount Backus at right.