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The campground is still closed this early in the season. E-B Ridge rises in the distance looking pretty snowy up top.Crossing Etherington Creek on a bridge along the approach road, E-B Ridge rising in the distance looking dry on the lower section at least.All right - I can deal with warm, dry rock. I immediately went left here to scramble up the ledges.What a glorious morning! Looking east and south now. Hell's Ridge at left and Raspberry Ridge at right. My approach and Etherington Creek at bottom center.Lots of easy, hands-on scrambling here.Views off the ridge towards Mount Etherington are unexpectedly nice already early in the hike.Looking over the Etherington Creek basin towards the High Rock Range.And even more very easy hands-on stuff.Views west were stunning despite the obvious clearcuts. From R to L peaks include, Baril, Etherington, Scrimger and Holcroft.A lovely little bench where I spotted the dark colored Marmot before he ducked into the rocks.I'm staring to realize that the western side of the south ridge might just be melted off. No snowshoes required!With zero wind and warm air, this part of the hike was pure magic. Old friends around Carnarvon Lake start showing up at distant left including Armstrong and MacLaren.Now we're cooking with gasoline! Fantastic mountain scenery.The ridge to the summit.Far better views than expected looking north off the summit towards the Highwood Pass area along the High Rock Ranges at left and over Coyote Hills.Mist Mountain at distant left. Patterson's and Serendipity over Coyote Hills at right.Mist Mountain is huge at over 10,000 feet high. Eagle Ridge to the right is over 2,000 feet lower. Odlum Ridge is in front of Mist and not nearly as close to it as this telephoto shot would imply!Gazing north towards the Highwood Pass area including Mount Loomis and Odlum rising over the Hill of the Flowers. Bishop Ridge rising just left of the hill.Horned Mountain and Mount Bishop.More of the High Rock Range across the Great Divide Trail to the west and south including (R to L), Bolton, Cornwell, Baril, Etherington, Scrimger, Holcroft, Farquhar and possibly Mount Pierce at far