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Looking up Evan Thomas Creek towards Fisher Peak on the drive up.The morning light kept improving! I wish I had taken more time to get a better vantage point for photos! This is Opal Ridge seen from the Galatea Parking pull out.King Creek with a surreal glow behind the Opal Range.Looking at Little Arethusa from the parking lot. We went up the gully to the right of the stop sign.Wietse breaks trail near tree line. Originally we planned to kick steps up the couloir but it was too icy and we didn't trust the snow so we went climber's right of it.My turn to break trail! The parking lot is just visible on lower right.Above tree line and heading for the couloir that we avoided on climber's right.Great views of Highwood Ridge. Mist Mountain on the left in the far distance.The slope was fairly steep.Nearing the ridge.On the ridge.Pano from the traverse to the summit (on left). Arethusa at the center.The final stretch to the summit looks dramatic with snow. It wasn't difficult though.Impressive views from the summit ridge looking back down Hwy 40.Panorama with Storm on the left and Highwood Ridge on the right.Looking south to Storm Mountain.Wietse at the cairn.Panorama of Mount Rae from the true summit.