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Early morning lighting as we crest the headwall above our campsite.KC takes in the view over Carnarvon Lake. Mount MacLaren rising at center and Strachan at left.There is one cliff band running down the lower south slope on Strachan but it can be avoided on either end easily.We ascended a low cliffband just for fun.We gained height very quickly and started getting views of the lake and back towards MacLaren and Shankland.KC and the lake.Cresting the upper south ridge.Easy terrain to the summit at upper right.Views west to Muir SW2 at right and the lower ridge off Shankland that we contoured around the evening previous on our way out from the valley beyond.Fun terrain to the summit.KC gazes down the exposed east face over our Carnarvon Lake approach route, from near the summit.KC near the summit.Great morning views looking north and east off the summit. Muir and McPhail at left.