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A great shot of The Towers from just east of Wonder Pass as I cross the lower NW ridge of Wonder Peak.The snow makes the faint trail in the scree easier to spot as I traverse to the lower east right.The trail continues to show - leading from my current position on the lower east ridge towards the south ridge at far left.Breaking trail in fresh snow up to the south ridge (R), looking back at the east ridge (L) with Wonder Peak in the background across Wonder Pass.Looking towards hidden Eon and Aye with Terrapin at center and The Towers at upper right.Marvel Pass and Cabin Lake in the foreground with Aurora Mountain rising beyond.The larch island on Marvel Peak from a different angle.Looking east (L) and south (R) down the south ridge of The Towers. Wonder Peak at left and Marvel / Currie at right.There was a TON of helicopter traffic in the area this particular day.Looking down a snowy gully on the lower summit block where the scrambling starts to get interesting.Higher on the summit block now, looking back along the south ridge towards Marvel (L) and Gloria (R) lakes.More interesting scrambling.Every time I thought I was hooped, there was another cairn beckoning me forward.One more gully to cross before the last cliffs under the summit.One more gully to cross before the last cliffs under the summit.I didn't linger under this cliff very long!The final defense of the summit is the strongest one but there is a clearly marked route that picks its way through the towers with only moderate scrambling required.Great views from just below the summit (note the ribbon on the cairn in the foreground).