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Views from #93 of Observation at left, parts of the sub peaks at center and Cirque outlier at right.A steep skin through the trees. Stick to climber's left of the creek to avoid too much suck.Back near the access drainage between Observation and Cirque. We'll exit from the distant headwall.Entering the drainage before ascending steep south slopes at left to access the ridge.Looking back as I enter the drainage. It took us less than 1 hour to this point from the highway.The snow was locked up nice and tight in the morning.Raf follows me up steep slopes with Jimmy Simpson, Thompson and Portal in the distance.Looking back down the south ridge access slope towards hwy #93.Finally up the south slope and heading for the ridge proper.Impressive outliers and summit of Cirque and the south slope to the drainage below.Dave with Cirque and Cirque Col in the bg.Dave takes a breather while Raf skis past.A gorgeous day as we work our way up the south ridge.Looking back down the drainage towards Bow Lake and the Wapta Icefield.Dave is enjoying this perfect day.Dave Salahub.Dave Salahub.