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On my drive to Roche I took this shot of the southern Castle Peaks.Panorama of Yarrow and Roche from the drive. The route goes from center to left following the ridge over two obvious bumps.One more sunrise shot from the approach drive.The approach trail is usually pretty obvious. Roche at upper left.Where it needs to be, the trail is obvious.Nice early morning views, looking back at my approach.Looking ahead at the ridge. Loaf Mountain it's long NE ridge at right.More great early morning views of the task ahead (L) with Loaf Mountain just right of center in the far distance.Getting closer to serious looking terrain.Typical terrain once the scrambling starts.Looking down a step I climbed to get up a small cliff band - this isn't the crux yet.The crux is out of sight to the right here - avoiding the terrain above me in this shot for obvious reasons.Looking along the ledge that leads to the crux crack with is visible left of center here. Not the sort of terrain you want to slip or fall from!I was surprised to see this after climbing through the crux - it didn't look quite as easy as I was expecting. I went left around the bump on the ridge at upper left here.A bit closer to the cliff band from the previous photo - I'll go left around the first rocky bump here on exposed terrain.