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Crossing Bauerman Creek at Red Rock Canyon.Crossing Bauerman Creek at Red Rock Canyon.Hiking along Blakiston Creek.Flora.Hiking along Blakiston Creek.Hiking along Blakiston Creek.Blakiston Falls with part of Mount Hawkins looming above.Ascent gully once you've bashed through the first 100 meters of undergrowth.Hiking up the gully.Looking back across Blakiston Creek to Mount Hawkins - Festubert at distant right.This snow patch looks small. It's actually at least 250 vertical meters of gain!The snow made travel easy and quite fast but we ended up going too far along the ridge.Lost Mountain.Looking ahead to the summit mass - covered in cloud.Anne-Marie coming down the ridge from the false high point we hit.Vern on the summit of Anderson Peak.Anne-Marie approaches the summit.Keith and Wietse slog up to the summit.Summit panorama with the outlier at left, Blackiston in clouds at left, Lost at left of center with Festubert in clouds beyond, Kootenai-Brown and Bauerman at right of center with Kishinena Peak beyonThe cliffs are impressive just below the summit.