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Checking out the bewildering number of different 'zones' that all come with the threat of heavy government fines if you're caught misbehaving in them.Views from the lower trail towards Mount Field.Looking across valley to Mount Burgess and Walcott.Views from the lower trail towards Mount Field and Burgess.The initial grind to tree line is quick and bloody steep.On the SW shoulder with excellent views towards Burgess, The President, Wapta and Field (L to R).Sonny trudges up hundreds of meters of this shale like it's nothing.Mount Dennis.A wind corral on the SW ridge.This is an extremely shortened view of the way up from the shoulder - about another 1000 meters of height gain left.Tackling some low, easy rock bands on the huge ascent slope under the false summit block.Sonny goofs around on 'extreme' terrain. :)The town of Field is getting smaller as we gain height.It's a huge, foreshortened slope to the bottom of the false summit.Higher than Mount Dennis.Looking over a shoulder of Duchesnay towards Mount Owen and the Goodsirs.Looking down the SW shoulder of Stephen.Sonny heads up the crux.This shot from Sonny shows the exposure on the alternate crux route.Looking down the crux chimney.