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Leaving the parking area.Ascending shitty gravel near the highway.The forest is open and very pleasant.I told you that flowers were a distraction for me! Ladies Slipper is one of my favorites.The forest is open and very pleasant.You can see a 'bump' on climber's left which isn't really worth going for. You can go up the gully but again - not really worth it.A nice open slope.Lyall's Rockcress.I managed to find a nice meadow with tons of flowers - these are Balsam Roots.Another one of my favorites - Spotted Saxifrage.I love these too - I didn't realize they bloom so early. This is the 3-flowered Aven.Getting higher on the ridge we finally get some views south towards Loop Peak.BearberriesCarpets of Glacier Lillies in the forest.