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The trailhead for Marvel Pass is not Moraine Lake - put it this way!Although fairly well maintained, the trail is a bit overgrown and rustic in spots. There are bridges over an energetic Aurora Creek where needed.The trail starts out in a surprisingly open matchstick forest that resembles Alberta bush more than BC bush.The trail is obvious but you'd get pretty soaked from all the bushes and shrubs lining it if they were wet.We ascend to the first headwall crossing some nice open avy / shale slopes.It's a lot of uphill!Once above the headwall the terrain is fairly interesting.The lovely alpine meadows under the pass. Alcantara at left with Eon / Gloria at right.Brilliant displays of wildflowers all throughout these meadows.Views to Aurora and Alcantara.Chewed up sign showing different trails from the pass area including the traverse to Marvel Lake, Wonder Pass and Owl Lake.The lovely Aurora Lake with Byng and Aurora Mountain at distant right.On return we found a much more efficient approach to Byng, but on approach we followed the Marvel Pass trail down towards Owl Lake for a bit.Byng at center here. We descended a bit more before bushwhacking directly for the gullies right of center and ascended them to treeline between Byng and Aurora (R).Holy FLOWERS in the area! A view of Marvel Peak from our descent into the valley.The valley was pretty - we just didn't have the mental energy to deal with more bushwhacking at this point. There were some mutterings happening here.