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The approach trail starts off very well defined.A bridge crosses a raging Vermillion River near the parking lot.Flora.The approach trail starts off very well defined.AstersYellow dotted saxifrage on the avalanche slope we ascended.The slope was fairly stable and easy to ascend - I would recommend going into the middle of it where there's a faint track to follow.Stunning scenery, looking back down the slope towards Floe Peak.The Indian Paintbrush were all bright pink on Numa Mountain instead of the more 'normal' red color.Ascending the steep gully.Ascending the steep gully.The scenery on Numa Mountain is very nice, thanks in part to a forest fire about 10 years ago in the area.Above tree line and now looking up at Numa's summit.Chickweed, high up on Numa.The guys come up the slope behind me. Numa Creek is far below now - almost a vertical mile!Ascending the summit snow banks.Ascending the summit snow banks.Hawk Ridge at left with Floe and Foster Peaks at right.