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We finally reach a nice bivy spot and crash for the evening.The weather starts deteriorating.The view from under my tarp. Eric is sitting in the rain rather than get cooped up in his bivy sack already.An intense storm passes by just to the south of us.Sunrise is pretty intense over Upland and Devon Lakes.Sunrise is pretty intense over Upland and Devon Lakes.We start up in grey, soggy conditions.Defeated for today! Summit is in clouds above us here.Devon Lakes are brilliant.I was very happy to have a tarp so I could at least keep my head and shoulders out of the sack without getting soaked.My setup for the bivy. Kept me dry through a LOT of rain! Rocks and trekking poles are critical to making this shelter work.Willingdon Bivy.Willingdon Bivy.An early morning pano from freshly snowed scree. It's actually much darker than on this photo.Clouds are thickening up around and above us as we approach the south ridge proper after getting a bit too close to the upper cliff bandsLooking down on the tarn between Willingdon and Crown - we weren't expecting that to be there! Note the thick cloud coverEric and Ben on the south ridge - now we're in the clouds.Steven traverses a snow arete on the ridge - we were grateful for crampons and axes at this point!More foggy scenery from the south ridge ascent.OK - this is no longer a 'simple scree hike'! With hard snow, glacier ice and fresh snow to spice up the rock, the south ridge didn't give up easily.