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From the parking lot I crossed an open gravel pit area and then looked down a sandy drainage at the rest of my route.Looking back down the ascent drainage - you can see the trail running along the top of this old creek bed / moraine.Once above the drainage you enter this cool little area just before the upper basin.The upper basin is much bigger than it appears. It took me over an hour to get to that upper part of the slope.Looking back at the small stand of trees I just came through.This section was fun. For a while...Looking forward to a pretty brutal scree slope.Looking back down the approach valley with the weather moving in rapidly from the west. Note the very cool tarn at rightI get tired just looking at this photo.My suffering starts in earnest. Oh well. Can't win 'em all!Hopefully visibility doesn't get much worse - I don't want to wander off the cliffs to my left.Yah for summits! ;) Great views are here to be had - but not for me on this particular day.Time to duck back down under the wind / clouds / cold / snow.I start to get some views as I descend back to the approach valley. Whymper just right of center.