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The night sky was obviously quite impressive in this remote location.The Milky Way rising above Queen's and Alexandra at 04:00 makes even 11,000ers seem pretty darn insignificant.A Perseid Meteor flares out at left with Molar at center.Little Hector and the Milky Way.The moon rises over the Murchison Towers. From L to R, Southeast, Hall, Cromwell, Engelhard, Gest and Feuz TowerThe incredible night sky over Peyto Peak.A very full moon rises over our little corner of paradise.Soft evening light comes down around us.Mars reflects in Glenn Lake with the Milky Way.Mars reflects in Glenn Lake with the Milky Way.Northern Lights on Glenn Lake.Around midnight, the moon rises - ruining our Milky Way views but offering interesting views of its own. It is so bright it casts shadows!Northern Lights on Glenn Lake.The night sky over highway 766 was pretty darn impressive.Brilliant star-lit night above our bivy at the Athabasca Crossing Campground.An amazing night sky above the bivy.An amazing night sky above the bivy.I did what I could with the cloud cover.Waking up early to a nice night sky reflected in the lake.The Milky Way lights up the night sky over Mount Woolley and Diadem Peak near my bivy.