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Yamnuska's impressive south face catches some of the limited morning sun as we make our way over the east shoulder.Mount Doom rises to our left as we make our way into the CMC valley under thick morning cloud.After our hellish bushwhack the open slopes of the CMC valley are a big relief!After hiking for about 3 hours we are coming around the southwest should of Wendell. This is the view back down the valley.Morrowmount rises up majestically behind Wietse - who is definitely NOT impressed with the scree that he is struggling up! ;-)Wietse on the ridge between the two pinnacles just after the crux. The summit rises in the distance to his left.Wietse comes up the second pinnacle. We really didn't see any ways around the pinnacles because of all the fresh snow.iew off the summit, looking east. Looks peaceful eh?Ok - maybe not THAT peaceful after all! The wind gusts were nasty!When the wind died down it was downright pleasant at the top.The mountains to the southwest look formidable from this angle. I think this is Lougheed.The coolest view of Windtower that I've had yet.Baldy, Midnight, Fisher, Old Goat, Ribbon, Old Fort, Lougheed, Windtower, Rimwall, Gap, Big Sister, Morrowmount, Peechee, Girouard, Orient Point, End (L to R).Wietse is pretty tiny compared to the east face of Morrowmount as he descends from the summit of Wendell.Wietse nearly blows off the mountain in a furious gust of wind that nearly knocked me off my feet about 10 seconds after this photo!The wind dies down again as Wietse climbs the pinnacle on the ridge.You want to be careful on some of the more narrow ridge sections - especially in the wind that we had.Wietse descends the steep section just under the ridge. This was tricky because of the icy conditions but a lot safer than down climbing the slabs.Spindrifts off the top of Morrowmount as we descend.The valley is quickly warming up as we continue our descent down the CMC valley behind Wendell.