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So skies around the back end of the lake. Jimmy Simpson rising to the left here.Portal Peak overhead as we descend the bump at the back of Bow Lake and turn left to the canyon.Gorgeous lighting on Bow Glacier Falls.So starts up the infamous Bow CanyonSkiing up Bow Canyon.Following a great skin track up the canyon, the Vulture Glacier ice cap ahead.Looking back down Bow Canyon.Skiing up Bow Canyon.Touring above the canyon - now we're off the main track to the Bow Hut and skiing up west slopes towards Crowfoot.After a steep grunt through trees, we came out on rolling terrain (moraines) and a good skin track to follow.Looking ahead as we near tree line.The solo skier in front of us is a tiny dot amidst the Crowfoot moraines.The Bow Hut sits nicely under St. Nicholas (L) and the Wapta headwall. I've been there many times - it's one of Canada's premier ski huts.A gorgeous winter day.Looking up the skin track - still many km's to go at this point.So skis up behind me.So skis up behind me.A white ocean.A sublime view of Balfour (R) and Lilliput (L) along with the Balfour Glacier.Not there yet! Judging by the tracks, most folks going up this way, tag Little Crowfoot, which is also a great objective in this area.