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It's frosty at the road already! Thankfully not a breath of wind.I didn't realize how popular this area is with backcountry skiers or I might have tried it on skies. Next time.Lower down the 'shoe track respectfully avoids the skiable terrain. This doesn't last.You should not end up here! This is what happens if you cross to the south side of the creek too early.It's pretty enough - but again, you should never see this unless you like wallowing in unconsolidated snow in thick brush.I wasn't the only one on the 'wrong' side of the creek. I followed faint tracks all the way back up to the main track.Back on the main trail and I can move quickly uphill again.Nice winter scenery.Engadine is still one of my favorite solo scrambles from Kane.Mount Galatea is another classic scramble in the area and another favorite of mine. Wait a minute - why is everything a 'favorite'?!It's tempting to think that The Tower can be scrambled from here. Maybe. Probably not.Little Galatea, French, Robertson, Sir Douglas, Burstall, Commonwealth, Birdwood, Fist, Smuts, Tent Ridge, Shark, Turner, Fortune, NestorI love this B&W pano showing off Mount Smuts on the left along with Tent Ridge - two other popular destinations in the area.One more glace towards Spray Lake before plunging back into the trees.I avoided the crappy south side of the creek by following the main track back out.These are the views you should have going up - this is me looking back on descent.This was the only slight uphill on the way out along the fire break.The creek that I crossed way too early - don't worry, it gets much easier to cross higher up.I was envious of the ski tracks on descent... I'll be back!