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The Hamilton Falls / Lake trail is steep and consistent.Part of Hamilton Falls.Not impressed with the weather or the weather forecasters at this point!"Views" back down valley over the Trans Canada Hwy.Hamilton Lake with Top Hat at center and Emerald rising at right. Carnarvon at left here.Around the lake with views of Top Hat (L) and Emerald (C) with the west face traverse of Emerald.Fossils beyond the lake.Hamilton Lake looks smaller as we continue up valley.Top Hat looms high above along with a good many clouds.Mountain Goats on Carnarvon's immense east face.Dramatic scenery over Hamilton Lake towards Mount Vaux.Arg. Back in clouds near the Carnarvon / Top Hat col.Ascending in cloud to the col.Views back to Emerald (L) and towards Mount King at right.Vaux at left, King at right.Near the col, looking up to the Jenga gully on Top Hat Peak.Phil follows me up easy snow towards the Jenga gully.The horrid "Jenga" gully. It's bad. Really, really bad.Everything you see here (and I mean everything) is loose and ready to come down on top of us.About a third up the gully looking down at Phil starting up. We should have gone solo here.