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Leaving the parking area.Ascending shitty gravel near the highway.The forest is open and very pleasant.I told you that flowers were a distraction for me! Ladies Slipper is one of my favorites.The forest is open and very pleasant.You can see a 'bump' on climber's left which isn't really worth going for. You can go up the gully but again - not really worth it.A nice open slope.Lyall's Rockcress.I managed to find a nice meadow with tons of flowers - these are Balsam Roots.Another one of my favorites - Spotted Saxifrage.I love these too - I didn't realize they bloom so early. This is the 3-flowered Aven.Getting higher on the ridge we finally get some views south towards Loop Peak.BearberriesCarpets of Glacier Lillies in the forest.Staying to the east side of the ridge worked well and avoided any thicker bush on the ridge proper (but not too much left).An open rubble slope, again we stuck to climber's left.You know you're in Crowsnest Pass when you start passing old, dead trees on open, wind hammered ridges!Gaining the south ridge.