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Yet another trip down from the hut towards the south ridge of Lyell V!Traversing over the south ridge of Christian Peak for the 5th time in 3 days...Another gorgeous day in a sublime environment! All 5 Lyells show up again.The 'schrund on Ernest is still bridged, but with these warm temps it won't be for very long.At the Ernest / Edward col looking at our tracks up Edward from two days previous.Obviously there is no safe route up Ernest's northern side anymore. We ascended over the 'schrund on the left side.Traversing around the north side of Ernest. Farbus is the rounded snow bump just right of Steven and lower than us here.Farbus, Alexandra, Queens, Oppy, Bryce, King Edward, Columbia, South Twin, North Twin, Alberta, Stutfield, Castleguard, Kitchener, Snow Dome, Androlumbia and Andromeda.Honestly, at this point I really thought Farbus was 'in the bag'. It looks so close from here! Two hours later we were still getting close to the summit.We've already traversed to the west flank of Lyell III and descended steep snow over crevasses.