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My Taco matches the gorgeous sunrise along hwy 40.Looking north up hwy 40 towards sunrise on Mist Mountain.Looking across Hwy 40 just before plunging into the bush towards McPhail, Muir, Strachan and MacLaren (R to L).A very steep early morning hike to get the blood flowing and the ol' ticker thumping!The pinnacles are very interesting terrain features that are encountered early in the approach.Looking north towards Mist Mountain and the Highwood Pass.I enjoyed hiking up this grassy ramp - it's bloody steep!My last good views for at least an hour from the first approach ridge looking south over the Strawberry and Coyote Hills at left and Mount Armstrong at far right.I can get used to this level of "bushwhacking".Gorgeous early morning lighting on a grassy clearing that I crossed while traversing over to the first west-east ridge.Easy hiking along the first east-west ridge.The blazed tree marks the turnoff to the steep access trail up the first west-east ridge.There's no obvious trail, but there is a track I'm following through the light forest.Sublime views towards Pyriform S5 (L) and Serendipity (C) over the grassy meadows and west ridge.Transitioning to the final ridge leading up Serendipity (L), crossing a large grassy meadow at the head of Cat Creek (C).A little slice of paradise in the small valley between Pyriform S5 (C) and Serendipity's access ridge (R).Looking down the access ridge to the north as I break treeline and start up to the peak.You can see the broken terrain to the summit isn't quite a "hike" - it's a scramble.