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Heading towards Peyto Lake on the obvious approach road.Eventually the track goes into the forest.Peyto Creek is often open in the choke at the end of the lake.Looking back through the choke.The moraine is ahead here, not a lot of snow down low!Looking back at Bill and Kevin starting the ascent of the morainne bypass to the canyon on the right side of the photo.On the wind hammered moraine looking at Peyto Peak.At the research station - Peyto Glacier in a near whiteout.The research station.OK - THIS is a complete white out! Ascending Peyto Glacier.Ascending the Peyto Glacier to the Peyto Hut.The Peyto Hut.The Peyto Hut.The Peyto Hut.The Peyto Hut.The Peyto Hut.The biffy is close by and even has a line of wands in case of white outs. It has a great view too!A nice view of Rhondda, Habel, Baker and Tilly Point from the hut.The Peyto Hut.The Peyto Hut.