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The locals don't mind if we share their scenery as long as we keep out of the way.Standing on his hind legs, staring directly into my eyes he was pretty darn big.Serenaded by loons.An early morning loon.I heard splashing and found this guy 1 km down the lake feeding on the bottom plants.One of my favorite Rockies animals - a gorgeous mountain billy goat grazes near Capricorn Lake.I stopped to snap some photos of this moose and the morning glow on on a nearby peak.Mountain Goat.A magnificent billy goat and his mate gaze down at us as we climb towards them.A magnificent Billy Goat.Pika's are extremely curious and very cute.Mount Goats at Capricorn Lake.Mountain Goats.Mountain Goats.A magnificent scene of snow and rock - made even better with a magnificent Billy Goat at far left.A closer look at the Billy.Just me and the inquisitive, cute little Ptarmigan in a dramatic and peaceful setting.