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Crossing Silverhorn Creek near the campground.he forest between the Silverhorn Creek Campground and Mistaya Lake is pretty thin as far as forests go.A lovely Mistaya Lake in morning calm.Crossing one of the Mistaya River's channels.We cross another channel of the Mistaya River - again note how nice and clear it is early in the day!A magical spot at the back of Mistaya Lake where there's a natural gravel berm and more streams entering the lake - from both the Barbette and Capricorn Glaciers.A short bushwhack leads to the open avalanche slope which grants access to the hidden Capricorn Creek gully (L).An incredible scene presents itself as we traverse concrete-scree slopes to the base of the Capricorn Creek gully.This is the steep, loose gully we had to descend to access the base of the Capricorn Creek gully - out of sight to the right here.Phil clambers up steep, rock-hard scree to the base of the Capricorn Creek gully.Phil looks pretty small in the lower Capricorn Creek gully. Again - notice the incredibly loose terrain above him here.For now this is just a slick section of the gully. On descent this was covered in running water making it extra spicy to descend!Gorgeous scenery in the gully - this is where we crossed to climber's left to continue upwards.We've now crossed the raging stream and are climbing up to the third crux.It's tough to get a sense of how exposed this ledge traverse feels a bit further on. Put it this way - there's a reason I don't have more photos of it!The keyhole above the ledge traverse.The only human sign we saw all day marks the entrance to the ledge traverse.We crossed the outlet stream from Capricorn Lake here to climber's right and then up a short scree ramp to finally escape the access gully.