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Very strange artifact we discovered off the trail. There's one croc sandal sitting near the bottom and a weird little ladder going into it.Tom and Wietse on the trail where it comes very close to French creek.The wide rocky gully? Nope, but it leads there pretty quickly.The rock gates beckon us on. Turn to climber's right to go up the snow slope or bypass on the far right of the photo.On hard snow.Tom ascends hard snow through the gates.Looking back down through the gates.Steep grassy slopes ahead.Looking out of our approach valley as we ascend.Looking across the Smith-Dorrien road towards Galatea and The Tower from near the upper ridge on Cegfns.Views up the French Creek Valley to Robertson and Prairie Lookout.Mount Murray looks intimidating from this angle. You traverse right around the summit block to easily gain the summit.Tom coming up to the summit of Cegfns. Mount Birdwood is the pointy peak in the background, over Mount Burstall.Chester, Gusty, Galatea,The Tower and Engadine (R to L). Nestor is visible in the far background across the Spray Lakes.Tom, Wietse and Vern on the summit of Cegfns.Mount Murray with Prairie Lookout behind, as seen from the summit of Cegfns.Tom enjoying brunch on Cegfns.Views up French Creek.Views back to Burstall. Birdwood at left.Birdwood (L), Burstall, Commonwealth, Engadine, Tower, Galatea, Chester (R).