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A faint trail along the not-so-small-afterall Kerkeslin Creek.The trail is obviously not rigorously maintained anymore.Even though it's not maintained very well, there were dozens and dozens of blazes on the trees. If you get off trail just look for blazes!The trail is "old school", in that it parallels the creek very closely.The bushes were soaking wet on the approach. By the time we realized this, we were already soaking wetFinally we break into the alpine meadows before the lake. Still lots of travel though moderate bush but the worst is over now.A large bruin has been here fairly recently. The entire approach valley was full of these overturned rocks.Our first good views of Kerkeslin.Classic Jasper - wet and boggy.A nice trail through the lush alpine - note the water on the lens!Immediately at the lakeshore we notice this.Bear scat.Lovely, remote, wild Kerkeslin Lake.Now that's a bivy worth bushwhacking for!