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Descending the west face of Currie with Cross Ridge obvious in front of Red Man Mountain. Mount Byng at distant right.Looking back up the NW ridge of Currie to its summit and down the deep Currie Creek Valley at left to the distant Spray Lakes.Looking down into the Currie Creek Valley and across to Aurora, Byng and Morrison (L to R).Wonderful Rockies scenery as we descend the west face, looking towards White Man Mountain and Talon Peak / Soderholm.At the bottom of the west face of Mount Currie, looking towards Cross Ridge at right.Looking north off the pass over Currie Creek towards Aurora (L) and Mount Byng (R).A size "10" grizzly track in the snow.Looking back at Mount Currie.For the most part, Cross Ridge is fairly easy.Phil scrambles along the summit ridge of Cross Ridge with Mount Currie rising to the left.There were some nice positions on the upper ridge.There were some nice positions on the upper ridge.Phil at the giant summit cairn on Cross Ridge.Summit views looking east towards Mount Currie (L) with Warre, Vavasour and White Man Mountain to the right.Looking west (L) to Red Man Mountain with Aurora and the twin summits of Byng to the right.Looking back at the summits of Cross Ridge (C) and Mount Currie (R) as we descend to Cross Lake.