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Steven grunts up our first ridge - the grass is frozen solid. Bryce catches the sun in the far distance. That's where we gotta go today!Looking back at the entire ascent route up Coral, the traverse and of course, Alexandra herself.Hiking up frozen grassy slopes with Bryce stealing the morning sunshine.Mount Rose Petal and Whirlwind reflecting in a small tarn.Gorgeous views down the South Rice Brook valley.Mount Bryce with it's south gully looking huge compared to the upper face. King Edward just peeking over the shoulder of Bryce at left....and back down the other side! This is a very common theme on the highline route. Rice Brook Peak is now catching morning sunlight.Traversing on frozen terrain but high above the nasty creek below.It was quite dark when we started our high-line traverse.Whirlwind (L) and Osprey (R).A beautiful morning for a hike.Great views of Queen's Peak and Mount Alexandra from the traverse.Mount Alexandra is clear of any clouds today.A brilliant, sunny morning as we finally exit the shadows and I glance back towards Alexandra.This is the always impressive Cockscomb Mountain.Mounts Spring-Rice, Queant, Rice Brook, Fresnoy, Coral, Queen's, Alexandra and Whiterose are visible in the distance behind us.The huge 'Bush Mountain' through gaps in the mountains to the south of our route. Sounds like a really fun approach! ;)Not for the faint of heart with large alpine packs - you have to cross at least 3 of these high cols and a number of smaller ones.The south glacier route on Bryce doesn't look so 'easy' now does it?! Mount Columbia and King Edward lie to the left.Mount Spring-Rice.