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The lower route goes through a meadow / avalanche path - this is off the bike approach already.The faint trail leads you through a short stand of trees and onto an avi slope where you can see up to the col.Looking back towards Commonwealth Peak and Ridge (R) over the Burstall Ponds.Fall colors are coming out as I work up to the col.Mount Birdwood.Views to the south from the col include CEGFNS, Murray, Smith Dorrien, French and Robertson (L to R).A trail leads up from the col to the summit ridge.Great views over Burstall, Hogarth and Mud Lakes (L to R) at Commonwealth Peak and Ridge, Nestor, Engadine, Tower and Galatea (L to R).Steep and loose terrain above the col.Summit views are sublime in every direction. This is looking north at Snow, Birdwood, Pig's Tail, Smuts and Commonwealth Peak (L to R).Great view to the south includes, Robertson, Sir Douglas and Whistling Rock Ridge (L to R).Leval, White Man, Vavasour, Snow, Warre, Eon, Birdwood, Pig's Tail, Smuts, Commonwealth, Tent Ridge, Commonwealth Ridge, Fortune, Nestor, Engadine, Tower, Galatea, Gusty and Fortress.Vern on the summit of Mount Burstall.One more pano includes Burstall Lakes, Hogarth Lake and Mud Lake - and Mount Chester at far right.Looking down the upper crux.