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I stopped beside a small lake on the drive from Beaver Mines Lake to Beauvais Lake to try out my new ultra-telephoto lens.The trail from the parking lot to the group camp is well traveled.The lower Smith Homestead - this is where we turned right towards the group camp area.From the group camp area we found this trail on the west end, passing a propane tank and this building.The signs indicate that these are xcountry ski trails in the winter.The birds were serenading us as we wandered through the forest on wide trails. It was quite lovely.Arriving at the upper Smith homestead meadows.A panorama of the upper Smith homestead showing why they built it here - a sublime meadow above Beauvais Lake.Old horse tack in the cabin.I'm sure the Smiths didn't think their house would be like this 100 years after pouring so much sweat equity into it!After the homestead the trails got a bit narrower and less used.The shooting star flowers were already looking a little tired of life.Thankfully, my kids enjoy photographing flowers as much as I do. The only difference is that they use their phones to do it!Because of the way a Glacier Lily droops, you can only get shots like this if you're willing to get down and intimate with the earth next to them.Context from the previous photo. It's been a while since I've seen so many carpets of Glacier Lilies.Niko's turn.A tiny white spider enjoys this Heart-Leaved Arnica as much as I do.I'm not sure why but Clematis always look depressed to me, like they don't really want to be there but felt like they should make an effort anyway.The longest time I've spent hiking 500m in a while. It was fun!More Shooting Stars.