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Looking across highway 93 from the pullout at our steep ascent gully.Like I said, it's steep!Staying high on climber's left as we cross avy slopes above the steep gully. This is looking back at Amery (L) and Saskatchewan (R).We were surprised that the first lake (tarn) was already melting - an outlier of Coleman rises above.Beautiful environs around Coleman Lake.Still traversing the lake - note the cliff bands on the L that you must traverse above. Coleman at center here.Coleman's north glacier doesn't get as many ascents as the scramble route which ascends from the other side.Heading up a snow gully to the pass.Heading up a snow gully to the pass.Tuft Peak at left, looking down the Huntington Creek Valley towards the Cline River and Pinto Lake area.Heading over the pass and descending to the Huntington Meadows below. Our first view of Cirrus rising in the far distance at left with Tuft rising right in front of us.Looking over Pinto Lake towards Minster and Harlan peaks.Beautiful Huntington flats, looking back at Coleman NE2 and Eric.A great place to call home for a night! Looking over the pass to Coleman and Coleman NE2 from our bivy.We're pretty small in the landscape.Eric follows up the moraines above our bivy.