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A gorgeous morning at Warre Pond.KC ascends scree slopes with Smuts and Birdwood in the background.Looking back over Warre Pond to Smuts, Birdwood and Snow Peak.There was still some groveling, but we've done much worse!There was still some groveling, but we've done much worse!These rock fins provided a nice hand rail.Great views from the south ridge of Warre. Vavasour and Royal Group on far left, White Man, Aye, Eon, Lunette and Assiniboine to the right.The route to the summit. From this vantage point the summit on the right looks higher, but it's not.The Royal Group.The mighty Mount Assiniboine looms over Mount Gloria.White Man Mountain in the background. Rick Collier and Harry Speir put a new alpine route up the NE face of White Man in 1985 that has likely never been repeated.Vavasour, White Man, Assiniboine, Currie and many other peaks visible on a clear morning.Aye, Assiniboine, Currie, Morrison, Turner, Cone. Old Goat, Nestor, Shark, Smuts.Kaycie enjoys her first summit of the day.Aye MountainLooking towards the White Man Pass area with the colorful and obviously named, "Red Man Mountain" ;) Alcantara is the large peak looming behind.The views go off towards Farnham and the obvious Farnham Tower near Inveremere.Royal Group including from L to R, Prince Albert, King George, Prince Edward, Prince Henry and the two on the right are Prince John and Queen Mary.Sir Douglas - another 11,000er.Mount Smuts is one of the toughest scrambles in the Kane guide. Engadine is also a difficult scramble to it's left and The Tower is a fun scramble to it's right.